Steelers raised the heat on the Blizzard

Selkirk Steelers faced off against the OCN Blizzard, in a heated competition, Thursday night.

Will Middleton found the Steelers some early success in the first period, followed shortly by Brett Namaka and Connor Barley, who added their own marks on the score sheet.

Zach Bennett; Steelers goaltender for this meet, came in with his own 4 game undefeated streak and prevented 26 shots of 28 taken. Bennett increased his streak to 5 games and helped carry the Steelers to an 8 – 2 win for their 6th game streak.

Goals for the Steelers were scored by; Will Middleton  ASST: Brett Namaka, Blake Burr.  Brett Namaka(2) ASST: Will Middleton, Blake Burr *Blake Burr, Will Middleton.  Connor Barley ASST: Will Middleton, Ryan Sokoloski.  Nate Halvorsen  ASST: Colby Jaquet, Carter Barley.  Blake Burr  ASST: Brett Namaka, Will Middleton.  Noah Basarab (2) ASST: Carson Tiede, Ryan Sokoloski *Ryan Sokoloski, Ryden Fedyck