The Selkirk Steelers organization has always been so great to me. I really believed and had faith in this program, that they would help me get to the next level. They provide the tools to help you get better. The coaches also had a lot of contacts to scouts and others all over North America. The best part about it, I was able to stay at home and not leave Manitoba. If you are a good player in any league, you will get recognized. There is always somebody watching, that knows somebody, that can help your future. I truly believe I would not be playing college hockey, if it wasn’t for the Selkirk Steelers. I would like to thank this team and also the great city of Selkirk.

Joel Messner


Even from a young age, the Selkirk Steelers organization has always impacted my hockey career and dreams. I remember as a kid, attending Steelers’ games on Friday nights and how excited I was reaching through the mesh to receive a high-five from the players on the ice. Later as a player, this time being the one scoring the goal and tapping the hands of the excited kids reaching through the mesh. The Selkirk Steelers helped develop me into the player and person I am today, by the standards in which the program instills. Selkirk gave me the opportunity to play junior hockey while living with my family in East St. Paul, Manitoba. I was then able to continue other commitments in my life; such as school and work, while playing the game I love. For this I am thankful. My time with the Steelers has helped me work my way to the NCAA, and I am forever grateful to the organization and the city of Selkirk.

Justin Derlago