Player and Mascot Appearance Requests

The Selkirk Steelers receive numerous requests throughout the year for players and our mascot “Beamer” to appear at events in the community. The Steelers make in excess of 30 appearances a year and make every effort to accommodate each request. Consideration is given to those requests that involve direct interaction with children, non-profit and charitable organizations, minor hockey teams and school events.

If you are looking for a player and/or mascot to attend your event, email gamedaymanager@selkirksteelers.com or send a written request on business letterhead to:

Selkirk Steelers Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club
c/o Public Appearance Request
PO Box 4
Selkirk, Mb R1A 2B1

With the numerous requests that are received, the Steelers require a minimum of 4 weeks to review, accept and coordinate an appearance.In your email or written request, please include the following information:

1. Information about the Organization and Event
2. Date and time of the event
3. Location of the event
4. Exact time of commitment
5. What is expected of the Player(s) and/or Mascot

6. Contact person’s name, phone number and email address

Players: During the MJHL Season, players will not be available on the day of a game. Please check the Steelers Game Schedule before requesting an appearance. All appearances must also be scheduled in the mornings or early afternoon due to team practices. Extended times may also be available later in the day and into the evening on weekdays and weekends when there are no games or practices scheduled. Player availability may also be limited due to players attending school or for those that work. Most appearances will be 60 minutes in duration with extended times being considered on an individual basis.

During the off-season, player availability is very limited due to the number of players that return home or have other commitments during these months. We will do our best to provide players during this time.

Mascot: Our mascot “Beamer” is available during most weekends throughout the year and some weekdays during the daytime and evenings. Our volunteer team “The Steel Crew” are primarily students therefore availability during school hours may be limited.