Kings retain the Crown

Selkirk Steelers were visiting Dauphin this evening, in hopes to build off of their home victory earlier in the week.

With about 5 minutes off of the clock in the first period, Dauphin struck the scoreboard.  Before the periods end, Nate Halvorsen, would give the Steelers their first mark and head into the second down 2 – 1.

Steelers and Dauphin would play tug of war on the score board until late in the 3rd period when Dauphin put the final nail into the game, handing the Steelers a 5 – 4 loss.

Austin Deboer, who stood in the pipes for the Steelers, made 39 saves out of the 44 that were taken on him.

Steelers goals were scored by; Nate Halvorsen ASST: Carter Barley, Connor Barley.  Blake Burr ASST: Thomas Colter, Will Middleton.  Connor Barley ASST: Nate Halvorsen, Carter Barley.  Ryan Piwniuk ASST: Carter Barley, Noah Basarab